Phillip Contracts for Difference

Since 2003, Phillip CFD has taken the initiative to bring in a wide suite of products to enhance our clients’ investment universe, one of which is the Singapore Straits Times Index CFD to allow clients to track and trade the underlying Singapore market.  Phillip CFD also offers over 1,300 CFDs including over 400 Singapore listed shares CFD, which is the most extensive in Singapore. Phillip CFD also won the award of being Singapore’s largest CFD provider by market share in 2010 and 2011*.
Product Overview

CFD stands for Contracts For Difference – a contractual agreement between two parties to settle the difference between the closing and opening price at the close of contract. Simply put it as an over-the-counter trading instrument that allows you to participate in the price movement of an underlying share or index, without the need or rights to ownership.

It is a simple and flexible trading tool that provides you the ability to trade with lesser capital than required in traditional investing, while giving them the ability to long and short the market with ease.

Client Benefits

  • Clients’ funds are kept safe in separate trust account
  • 2 modes of CFD trading: Shares CFD & Direct Market Access (DMA) CFD
  • More than 400 Singapore Shares CFDs to long and short
  • No additional spreads on top of Equities CFDs’ prices
  • Personalised dealing service for seamless trading experience
  • Comprehensive educational programme and seminars to enhance your trading
  • Complimentary Technical Analysis workshop before you begin CFD trading

Trading Modes & Platforms

Trading Modes              : Self-Service and/or thru our Trading Representatives or

                                     CFD Dealing Team
Trading Platforms          : POEMS and CFDTrader
Investment Mode          : Face-to-face with our Phillip Investment Consultants

Rates and Charges

Types of Fee                Amount

Commission -                 Starting from 0.128% for Singapore Shares CFDs
Finance Charges -           Starting form 4.0% p.a. for long and 3.0% for Short

                                     for Singapore Shares CFDs

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Talk to us. Talk to Phillip.

For any inquiries, call our Customer Service Hotline 6531 1555 or

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This material is provided to you for general information only and does not consti­tute a recommendation, an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell the product men­tioned. It does not have any regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation and any of your particular needs. Accordingly, no warranty whatsoever is given and no liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss arising whether directly or indirectly as a result of you acting based on this information. Investments are sub­ject to investment risks. The risk of loss in leveraged CFD trading can be substantial. You may sustain losses in excess of your initial funds and may be called upon to de­posit additional margin funds at short notice. If the required funds are not provided within the prescribed time, your positions may be liquidated. You may also want to consider the commission and finance costs involved for trading CFDs. The resulting deficits in your account are subject to penalty charges. The value of investments denominated in foreign currencies may diminish or increase due to changes in the rates of exchange. You are advised to read the CFD Terms and Conditions before undertaking transactions in CFDs. The Terms and Conditions can be obtained online at www.poems.com.sg or from Phillip Securities Pte Ltd. You may wish to obtain advice from a qualified financial adviser, pursuant to a sepa­rate engagement, before making a commitment to purchase any of the investment products mentioned herein. In the event that you choose not to obtain advice from a qualified financial adviser, you should assess and consider whether the investment product is suitable for you before proceeding to invest and we do not offer any ad­vice in this regard unless mandated to so do by way of a separate engagement. CFDs may not be suitable for clients whose investment objective is preservation of capital and/or whose risk tolerance is low. Clients are advised to understand the nature and risks involved in margin trading. Any CFD offered is not approved or endorsed by the issuer or originator of the underlying security and that the issuer or originator is not privy to the CFD contract. Phillip Securities Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the published information without prior notice. 

You are advised to read carefully and understand the Risk Disclosure Statement from www.phillipcfd.com/download/phillipCFDRiskDisclosureStatement.pdf before undertaking trans­actions in CFDs. CFD is a Specified Investment Product (SIP) and is subjected to the relevant assessment for retail customers in the trading/investing in SIPs.


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