Journey & Milestones

1975: The beginning of PhillipCapital

On 18 June, we first started as Phillip Securities in an office on Phillip Street which is where the company got its name from.


1980 – 1989: First wave of expansion

1983 - We expanded into Derivatives by establishing Phillip Futures and we were one of the founding clearing members of Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT).

1984 - Phillip Securities took its first bold move by starting an office in Hong Kong, serving as a gateway into China. Founded Phillip  Securities (HK) Ltd.

1985 - Singapore experienced its first post-independence recession and it also saw the Pan-Electric crisis, where the company’s collapse caused the closure of the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur stock exchanges from 2 to 4 December 1985. Despite all these, Phillip Securities managed to ride through these without any losses and developed alongside the new regulations and amendments made to regulate the stockbroking industry.

1987 - We opened our first Phillip Investor Centre in Pidemco, making it easier for retail customers to settle their share purchases and to open accounts.


1990 – 1994: Starting Our Global Presence

1990 - Established KL Commodity Office

1991 - Started Phillip Commodities (HK) Ltd.

1993 - A great year for Phillip Securities as we expanded our global presence by acquiring a stake in Walker Crips in UK, Intersuisse Australia as well as Sri Lanka Securities firm.  


1995 – 2000: At the forefront of the internet trading world

1996 - A momentous year where Phillip Securities launched POEMS (Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System)

Short for Phillip Online Electronic Mart System, POEMS was Phillip Securities’ solution to meet the online trading needs of customers. We made a name for ourselves as the pioneer financial institution in Singapore and possibly first in Asia to launch online trading.

In the next couple of years, through the brand PhillipCapital, we transformed the broking scene in Singapore by creating an online trading platform where customers can trade multiple asset classes.

During this period (1997-2000), we received numerous awards including Best Stockbroking Firm 1999 by the Financial Planner / Channel News Asia and eBroker of the year 2000 by the Arthur Anderson & Consumer Association.


2000 – 2005: Striving to be the Financial Supermart

Having successfully achieved the status as a leader in online trading, we strived to become a one-stop financial supermarket for customers. To achieve this, the product and service offerings were increased. Fund Management services, Cash management accounts, Loans and Mortgages were first introduced, and more were added along the way.

In 2002, the company established its presence in Japan after acquiring a brokerage firm there.

2003 - We took the lead, once again, by being the first to offer Contracts for Differences (CFDs) to local customers in Singapore.


2005 – 2010: Reaping the fruits of labour

After 30 years of growth and development, PhillipCapital continued to receive many more awards for its achievements.

2006 - POEMS ( was ranked as the No. 1 website visited by online users in 2005 and 2006 in the ‘Business and Finance - Stocks and Shares’ category of Hitwise Singapore Online Performance Award. In the same year, our Phillip Capital Management (PCM) funds received several awards from The Edge - Lipper Singapore Funds Awards 2006 and the Standard & Poor’s Singapore Funds Awards 2006

2007 - POEMS ranked as the No. 1 website visited by Internet users in 2007 in the ‘Business and Finance - Stocks and Shares’ category of Hitwise Singapore Online Performance Award

Our PCM funds received several awards from The Edge - Lipper Singapore Funds Awards 2007 and the Standard & Poor’s Singapore Funds Awards 2007

2008 - PCM Phillip Growth Fund won “Best Fund over Five Years at The Edge-Lipper Singapore Funds Awards 2008

2009 - Singapore Exchange gave a Special Achievement Award to PhillipCapital’s Chairman for the contributions in industry growth

2010 - Our Phillip Asia Pacific Growth Fund is “Top Asia Pacific Equity Fund over 10 Years” at The Edge-Lipper Singapore Funds Awards 2010


2010 – 2015: Spreading our wings beyond the little red dot

We diversified our product ranges and services over the past 30 years and started to move beyond the region.

In the early 90s, PhillipCapital established its presence in many ASEAN regions. In the next 5 years of 2010-2015, the company grew and expanded beyond the Asian continent, into the Middle East and the US.

2011 - First Asian broker to attain CME Group clearing membership through Phillip Futures Inc in Chicago, US

2012 - The Group went on to acquire brokerage firms in India, Dubai and Turkey

2013 - PhillipCapital brings Turkish market experts to Singapore

           - PhillipCapital Expands Its Presence In Cambodia

           - PhillipCapital Announces New Insurance Arm in Thailand 

2015 - PhillipCapital celebrates 40 Years of success.


2016 – 2018: Innovation never stops to provide customers with the best

2016 - AU Group and PhillipCapital announced new joint venture in Asia and the opening of its first subsidiary in Singapore

            - Phillip Capital Management Launches First Asia Pacific REITS ETF in Singapore

2017 - Phillip Securities launches new state-of-the-art trading platform for traders - PhillipCapital First In The World To Launch Bonds Trading Mobile Application

2018 - Phillip Securities launches MyWealth App for customers to easily oversee their portfolio at their fingertips

           - PhillipCapital Expands Its Presence In Vietnam

           - Launch of Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF and Phillip Sing Income ETF