New to Investing

In general, before you start investing, you should first be able to identify your needs, so that you are able to make better informed decisions.


Identify Needs

1. Retirement (Plan for retirement)

2. Wealth Management (Plan for wealth accumulation)

3. Savings for other purposes (Savings for education/Save for short term, eg. Deposit for home/Save for medium term, eg. Early mortgage repayment)

4. Family income protection (Protect family and/or assets in the event of death)

5. Disability income protection (Cover for old age disability/Cover for loss of income due to illness or accident)

6. Medical and ancillary cost (Cover for hospitalisation expenses and major illnesses)

Investor Education

1. Introduction to Personal Investing

2. About Investment Products – What You Should Know

3. Making Sense of Unit Trusts

4. Making Sense of Structured Deposits

5. Key Questions To Ask The Person Recommending An Investment Product To You

6. Understand Who Are You Dealing With Before You Decide To Purchase


7. Market Insights on SGX-Listed Products

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