Investor Profile

All investments are designed to make a return and are subject to risks. This means that, as well as making money, there is also a chance that you could lose it. As a general rule, the bigger the potential return, the higher the investment risk and the longer the suggested investment timeframe.

Before investing you need to decide how comfortable you are with investment risk and how much risk you are prepared to take to achieve the return you want. This is often referred to as your ‘risk profile’.

This section only serves as a guide in helping you determine your investment risk profile and does not constitute any recommendation by the EFA Representative. You should take into consideration your current financial situation, investment goals and objectives as well as your attitude towards risk when determining your risk profile.

This questionnaire is a general guide on the level of risk that you are comfortable with. Full details of a fact finding form is available with your Financial Advisory Consultant. Kindly consult your Financial Advisory Consultant for more information.

Investor Profile

1. How would you deem your risk appetite?

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2. How would you react to a drop of 15% in your investments in a year?

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3. Based on your investment objectives, how long do you intend to stay invested?

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4. How much are you able to save as a percentage of net monthly income (excluding CPF)?

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5. What yearly returns do you expect from your investments? (higher returns carry higher risks)

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6. How familiar and experienced are you with investments?

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