Financial Advisory Career

Overview of Financial Advisory Career

  • What does it mean to be a Financial Advisory Consultant
    As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you need to equip yourself with the financial knowledge and skills to assist your client in different aspects of financial planning. At PhillipCapital, you will adopt our seven stages of financial advisory process:
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  • 1. Prospecting
  • - Identify the source of prospecting
  • - Adopt the right method of prospecting
  • 2. Approach
  • - How to secure an appointment
  • - The procedure of approaching a client
  • 3. Fact Finding
  • - Gather your client’s financial information and his attitude to risk
  • - Understand and identify the financial needs, concerns and goals of your client
  • 4. Analysing and Evaluating
  • - Analyse the information gathered
  • - Evaluate your client’s financial situation in relation to his financial objectives
  • 5. Presenting Recommendations
  • - Explore alternatives to meet your client’s financial objectives
  • - Design a solution that can reasonably meet your client’s financial objectives
  • - Explain to your client the basis of the recommendation
  • 6. Executing
  • - Execute the recommendation agreed by your client
  • 7. Reviewing
  • - Conduct periodic review of your client’s financial portfolio to ensure it is in line with his/ her financial goal 
  • Discover the benefits of working with PhillipCapital

    Our goal is to assist individuals like you to establish a rewarding life-long career in Wealth Management. With our reputation and established platforms, you can leverage on our platforms to gain recognition and access to a wider clientele network.

    As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you can offer with more than 500 financial products and services to meet the demands from the retail clients, high net worth individuals and corporate clients. Our Product Teams will provide product comparisons and performance analysis of the various investments and equip you with all the necessary information so that you can provide these as value-added services for your clients.

    Our experienced Team Leaders will guide you through a one-on-one coaching session to ensure that you will establish a successful career in wealth management. In addition, your first-three sales will be personally guided by our Team Leaders.

    Our Motto: Your Success is Our Success

Wealth Planning Overview

Wealth Planning Overview

Frequently Asked Questions on Wealth Planning

  • Why do clients need Cash Flow planning?
    Cash Flow planning is crucial to financial planning. Poor saving or high spending habit will lead to a negative asset balance. As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you can guide the clients through a simple fact find and share with them how to cut down on unnecessary expenditure and improve their financial status.
  • Is it necessary to manage the personal risk for your clients?
    It is common that most people do not protect their health and wealth. Should anything happen to them or their loved ones, they may have to utilise most of their savings. As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you can guide the clients to understand the importance of risk management and propose a suitable plan.
  • How important is wealth planning for your clients?
    As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you can guide the client to understand their financial objectives and risk appetites before recommending any plans.
  • How can you help your clients prepare for their children’s education?
    Parents always want to provide their children with the best university education. However, with the ever-rising inflation, it is often difficult to achieve their objectives. As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you will find out from your clients how much they intend to put aside for their children’s education and recommend a systematic savings approach for your clients.
  • How can you help to improve your clients’ retirement income gap?
    As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you will assist your clients achieve financial independence without compromising their current living standards. You can also guide your clients by assessing the income needed for their retirement based on the lifestyle they desire and the retirement period, so as to narrow the gap between what the clients have and the amount required for retirement.


Career Opportunities

1. Financial Advisory Consultant
2. Senior Financial Advisory Consultant /

    Team Supervisor


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