Advisory Wrap Services

Unit Trust Wrap:

Wealth Management Made Easy

The route to a customized, well-packaged and cost efficient unit trust portfolio. Customised with the professional guidance of our qualified Financial Advisory Consultants, designed to help you grow your wealth and meet your unique financial goals.

Our Philosophy

Tailor Made

Phillip Financial Advisory Consultant seeks to understand your financial goals and provide a custom-made investment solution, aided by a list of recommended funds


You may start your investment with a low initial investment amount of S$5,000 or equivalent value of holdings. You may also consolidate your unit trust holdings with us for free!


We believe in building a long-term relationship. With trust and integrity in mind, recommendations are only made after careful considerations of your risk profile, time horizon and investment objective(s).


No sales charge or switching fees imposed should you wish to adjust the unit trust holdings in your portfolio! All you need to pay is an account management fee (WRAP fee) and one-time advisor service fee (Upfront fee) for cash injections.


Monitor your investments online real-time anytime, anywhere via FAME (Financial Access Made Easy).

Investment Details

Min. Investment Amount: S$5,000 or equivalent value
Min. Subsequent Investment Amount: S$1,000
Min. Withdrawal Amount: S$1,000 (with NAV of S$5,000 remaining in account)
Upfront Fee: Up to 4% of your investment amount & any subsequent amount
Wrap Fee:

Based on Net Asset Value

< S$50,000  1.50% p.a.

≥ S$50,000  1.25% p.a.

Securities Advisory Service:

Securities Advisory Service gives you:

  • Bespoke investment advice from your investment specialist
  • Control – your specialist places trades for you only upon your confirmation
  • Lower brokerage charges compared to standard broker-assisted rates
  • Access to local and foreign stock markets


Service overview

With Securities Advisory Service,  you  will  receive professional advice on  stock investments from  your  Representative.  He/She will recommend stocks and assist to place trades for you upon your confirmation.

A suitability analysis will also be performed to understand your investment objectives, financial situation, particular needs and risk tolerance. This service would be suitable for investors with high risk preference.

Your representative would be selecting from Stocks and ETFs from more than 23 global exchanges. What’s more? You can enjoy our excess fund facility.

  • Phillip SING Income ETF – The easier way to gain access to high quality SG Stocks
  • Phillip Money Market Fund -allows your excess funds to work harder for you while waiting for your next investment.

Are you a busy professional who sees value in receiving stock picks and trade execution services from an investment specialist for a monthly fee?

If your answer is YES, Securities Advisory Service might be the right service for you! Speak to your/an investment specialist NOW!


Client benefits

  • Professional advice and stocks recommendations from your representative.
  • Lower brokerage compared to standard broker-assisted trades.
  • Access to local and foreign stock markets.
  • Representative whose interest is aligned with yours.

Rates and Charges

Minimum Investment Amount: S$25,000 (cash/ stocks equivalent)
Commission rate: 0.12% (min S$10) for Singapore Shares;
From US$12 Flat for U.S. Shares;
0.18% (HK$80) for Hong Kong Shares;
(For other markets, please speak to your representative)
Advisory Fee: 1.25% p.a.

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