STEM Finance Programme

Job Description: 

We are looking for STEM Graduates who are looking to build a career in Finance. We are looking for individuals who wish to apply their STEM discipline to financial services. In Phase 1, our managers will provide foundational financial training and certain On Job Training walk-through. In this Training, our managers will have a better understanding of you and you will have a better feel of individual job challenges. In Phase 2, our managers will assign you a suitable job role that we believe you will excel in. We want to see you succeed. 

In order to achieve certain level of competency and results, graduates must commit to this new job role for the next 2 years. Job roles include operations specialist, business analyst, financial analyst, programmer, data analyst, product specialist and dealer.  

After the first 2 years, you are encouraged to transfer to try a different role as we believe in all rounded financial service career. As a form of testament, 2 of our directors today were home grown from the STEM industry. 

Apply for this role if this sounds like you 

  • Candidates from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Strong interest and deeply fascinated about financial markets 
  • Ability to deliver under pressure , with excellent mental arithmetic and analytical skills.
  • Desires an analytical role but not exactly sure which role suits him/her.
  • Willing to commit to at least 2 years the role we feel best for him/her
  • Not afraid to code should the job function require
  • Have a passion to serve and work in teams.
  • Finally, resonate with Phillip Core Values. You will not fit in if you don’t. 

Career progression: 

Opportunities to advance into other areas in product creation, fund management, technology, research

Recruitment Process:

Submit your resume and motivation letter – why you want to pursue a career in finance with Phillip? Complete online behavioural trait assessments, Complete mental Maths test, online interview.