Unit Trust (UT) Wrap Account

Unit Trust (UT) Wrap Account for the LONG run
Are you a fresh graduate saving for your first big purchase?
Are you a new parent planning for your kid’s education?
Are you planning for your dream retirement?

If you are a busy individual and requires professional assistance to create a customized portfolio that aims to grow your wealth in order to meet any of your financial goals, then a UT Wrap is the account for you.

Your Consultant will guide you in building a personalized investment portfolio with a mix of asset classes, e.g. equity, balanced, bond and/or cash funds that aims to deliver returns that best meet your profile, goals and your appetite for risk.

This account always works in your favour. When markets move or turn volatile, you may wish to rebalance your portfolio, with a UT Wrap account you enjoy buying and switching of funds with NO sales charge and NO switching cost. In place, only a one-time upfront fee and annual wrap fee apply.

Regardless which stage of life you are in, the UT Wrap is an investment tool designed to help you achieve your financial goals. With the Phillip UT Wrap, your consultant’s interest is aligned with yours. That is because as your portfolio achieves excellent growth, your consultant’s reward grows too.

Investment Details

Min. Investment Amount

S$5,000 or equivalent value

Min. Subsequent Investment Amount


Min. Withdrawal Amount

With net asset value of at least S$5,000 after withdrawal

Upfront Fee



Based on the total net asset value
<S$50,000    1.5% p.a.
>=S$50,000  1.25% p.a.

* Accrues daily based on the net asset value of the assets in the account determined at the close of each business day, deducted on a monthly basis from the least volatile fund. GST will be levied on Upfront and WRAP fee.


Our Investment Philosophy

• Tailor Made:

   Your consultant will provide professional advice to construct a personalized

   portfolio, aided by a list of funds recommended by our Investment Team.

• Reasonable: 

   A low initial investment of S$5,000 or an equivalent value to start a WRAP

   account! Existing unit trust holdings can be transferred into the account.

 • Unbiased: 

   With a long term relationship based on trust in mind, your consultant will

   analyze your risk profile, time-horizon and investment objective to

   recommend a suitable portfolio.

 • Savings:

   No sales charge or switching fees imposed should you decide to adjust the

  unit trusts in your portfolio! All you need to pay is an annual account

  management fee (WRAP fee) and a one-time adviser service fee (Upfront fee)

  for new money injections.

 • Track: 

   Monitor your investments online real-time, by logging onto our Phillip Wealth

   Management system at www.phillip.com.sg 

   Start building your wealth! Email your enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

   and talk to our Financial Advisory. 


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