SINGAPORE, 23 JANUARY 2017 -- Phillip Securities announces the launch of POEMS Mercury, a cutting-edge application based platform, designed by traders, with traders in mind.

“As markets are fluid and constantly evolving, we aim to create a platform that can constantly give active investors and traders an edge in the markets. This cutting-edge platform can cater to novice investors, all the way to professional traders because it was designed to be intuitive, modular and fully-customizable. We put the user back in the driver's seat, simply put it --- you decide what information you want to see and how you want to see it.”


The design philosophy behind POEMS Mercury is derived from the need to keep up with fluid and fast-changing markets. As markets are getting increasingly unpredictable, we strive to create a platform that constantly gives traders an edge in the market. POEMS Mercury's order types for equities span over 7 global exchanges, and our fully customisable Chart View will provide the fastest and most fluid experience to our clients.


“Markets are getting faster and more unpredictable by the day. Hence, we recognise that traders require an edge in speed - speed in getting to the information they require, speed in analysing the unstructured data, speed in decision-making and speed in execution after making the decision. POEMS Mercury aids traders in achieving all of the above via an intuitive display of pertinent information, quick order entry, cancellation and amendments, as well as more than one way of getting to the function or information you want.”


The name "Mercury" was chosen to reflect the metallic element and its unique property that makes it suitable for use in thermometer to measure minute changes in temperatures. The sensitivity and expansion of Mercury to changes in temperature is synonymous with the design philosophy of POEMS Mercury constantly adapting with the ever-changing markets.


“POEMS Mercury is targeted at active traders and completes our POEMS Suite of Trading Platforms, which includes POEMS 2.0 (web) and POEMS Mobile. Client-centricity is at the heart of all we do in Phillip and the POEMS suite of trading solutions will allow us to offer a holistic solution, catering to different segments of the investment and trading community,” said Luke Lim, Executive Director of Phillip Securities. 


Phillip's Online Electronic Mart System, or more commonly known as POEMS, is the pioneer for Singapore's online share trading. Launched by Phillip Securities Pte Ltd in 1996, POEMS offers investors a full suite of state-of-the-art trading platforms, ranging from desktop trading on the classic POEMS Internet and POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile applications, POEMS ProTrader and now POEMS Mercury.


Phillip Securities is Singapore’s largest stock broker and a leader in the financial industry. Our awards and accolades range from being the Most Preferred Stock Brokerage Firm (Gold)1 , Most Preferred Financial Adviser (Gold)2, Most Preferred CFD Provider (Silver) in 20163, Largest Broker (Winner)4 and Largest CFD Broker (Winner)5. Our 40 years of consistent growth and innovation is a testament of our professional servitude to all our stakeholders including customers.


1 Most Preferred Stock Broking House (Gold) – ShareInvestor Awards 2015, 2016

2 Most Preferred Financial Adviser (Gold) – ShareInvestor Awards 2016

3 Most Preferred CFD Provider (Silver) – ShareInvestor Awards 2016

4 Largest Broker (Winner) – Investment Trends 2010 - 2016 Singapore Broking Report

5 Largest CFD Broker (Winner) – Investment Trends 2010 - 2016 Singapore Broking Report




SINGAPORE, 5 JANUARY 2017 --  Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (A member of PhillipCapital) announced that there will be zero fees for  retail investors who invest/trade Unit Trusts online via POEMS suite of trading platforms. There will be no sales charge, no platform fee and no switching fee as compared to other online distributors. Phillip Securities long term strategy for POEMS (Phillip Online Electronic Mart System) remains to provide a one-stop trading platform for multiple products i.e Global Stocks, Unit Trusts, Contracts For Difference, Bonds etc. and continue to be the market leader in this area.

“As part of our continual journey of building our multi-product offerings to our customers under one roof, the 0% fee (no sales charge and no platform fee) for online POEMS Unit Trust trades is part of our strategy to allow customers to consolidate their assets with us. We believe that this strategy aligns both our company and clients’ interest as the company gains in terms of asset gathering and customers will gain in terms of lower/no cost and convenience.”

“With regards to the landscape, online trading is here to stay and we are prepared to embrace it for customers who have preference to invest/trade via online. However, we also believe that certain group of customers still value the human touch and hence continue to pay for the advice and services provided by the Financial Adviser Reps and Trading Reps. Our 40 years of consistent growth is a testament of our professional servitude to all our stakeholders including customers,” said Lisa Lee, Executive Director of Phillip Securities.

Since 1975, the PhillipCapital network has grown into an integrated Asian financial house with a global presence that offers a full range of quality and innovative services to retail and high net worth individuals, family offices, corporate and institutional customers.

Group and PhillipCapital are proud to announce the formation of a joint venture to develop credit and political risk insurances in Asia, and the opening of its first subsidiary in Singapore. 




PARIS AND SINGAPORE, 18 OCTOBER 2016 – AU Group and PhillipCapital are proud to announce the formation of a joint venture to develop credit and political risk insurances in Asia, and the opening of its first subsidiary in Singapore. 


The joint venture (AU Group Asia) is chaired by Gerald Lim, and will develop new country opportunities in the region. Gerald is a pioneer in credit and political risk insurances in the region, and was recently with Marsh as Asia CEO for Trade Credit, Financial & Political Risks, and CEO for South East Asia.


Prior to that he was with Aon as CEO Aon Trade Credit Asia Pacific and where he also held country leadership positions in Taiwan and Singapore. AU Group Singapore is led by Don Low, who was a senior underwriter at Coface and Ace before joining Marsh as head of Political Risks and Structured Credit for Marsh Asia. The growing team in Singapore will bring strong expertise in transactional structured credit and political risks and conventional trade credit insurances. 


“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with PhillipCapital. In early 2015 we established AU Group China. To support our future expansion we decided that AU needs to be strategically aligned with a major established organisation in Asia, and with experienced and skilled professionals, and we are fortunate to have found PhillipCapital as our partner”, said Jean-Claude de Lassée, Chairman of AU Group. 


“PhillipCapital looks forward to working closely with AU Group, which is recognized as the world’s largest independent specialist credit-insurance broker. PhillipCapital already has interests in insurance underwriting and broking, and we see an exciting growth opportunity to expand in the niche area of credit and political risks”, said Lim Hua Min, Chairman of PhillipCapital. 


Asia Pacific is a key region for the growth of traditional credit insurance as well as structured trade and political risk insurance. Companies across the region will benefit from AU Group and PhillipCapital combining their respective strengths to help optimise receivables and balance sheets, control risks, and facilitate funding requirements.




SINGAPORE, 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Asian fund management company, Phillip Capital Management (S) Ltd.,(“Phillip Capital Management” or the “Company”), announced today the launch of its first Exchange Traded Fund – the Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF (“REITs ETF”), to be listed on the Singapore Exchange. The REITs ETF, which will track the recently launched SGX APAC Ex-Japan Dividend Leaders REIT Index (the “Index”) comprises the top 30 REITs listed across the Asia Pacific exchanges excluding Japan, ranked according to the total dividend paid in the preceding 12 months to their unit-holders. The Index will represent over 70% of the region’s REITs by total market capitalisation, taking into consideration the REITs’ size, free-float market capitalisation and liquidity.

By ranking and weighting the REIT constituents according to total dividends paid in the preceding 12 months, the REITs ETF will provide investors with transparent and low cost access to a diverse portfolio of quality REITs offering sustainable dividend income. The REITs ETF will endeavour to make dividend distributions semiannually, subject to the Company’s discretion. The Index’s total return over a 12- month period up till 29 July 2016 was 19.97%, demonstrating a yield over the same period of 4.53%[1].

The Asian REITs market is a unique proxy to long term economic growth in Asia driven by rising income and increasing urbanisation. In addition, the region’s ETF market is fast developing and poised for strong growth as demand for passive investment products rise, mirroring the phenomenal popularity of ETFs in the developed markets. Demand for ETF assets in Asia is expected to reach US$560 billion by 2021[2] in accordance to the PWC 2015 Global ETF Survey


Mr. Jeffrey Lee Chay Khiong, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at Phillip Capital Management, commented,“We are very excited to be able to offer this unique REITs ETF to investors. When we worked with SGX to craft the index strategy for our investable REITs ETF, we wanted to bring to market a transparent and cost-effective product that offered investors attractive dividend income from high quality REITs in the region, many of which we have been investing in through our actively managed REIT portfolios. We believe the asset class will continue to be supported by investors looking for predictable yields and a hedge to inflation. At the same time, global investor flows into REITs are expected to rise now that they have been designated their own Global Industry Classification Standard sector in September. The REITs ETF, which will be listed on the Singapore Exchange and traded in SGD and USD, is suitable for investors looking for easy access and diversification. We are confident that the REITs ETF, with its dividend-weighted strategy, will enhance risk-adjusted returns above that of traditional market capitalisation-weighted strategies.” 

Phillip Capital Management, one of the largest, non-bank backed local fund managers in Singapore, is a prominent investor in the Asian REIT asset class, and currently has approximately SGD 1.4 billion (Aug 2016, unaudited) of assets under management. The Company manages the first and only Singapore REITs fund, the Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income Fund


Phnom Penh (13 November 2014) – Phillip Bank is proud to be the first bank in Cambodia to introduce a savings account that comes with life insurance coverage for the applicant. Named “Kids Save”, this savings account requires a low initial deposit of only USD 10 and is affordable to the general population of Cambodia. 

As an emerging economy, Cambodia has a young population with an estimated 50% aged 22 years and below. Thus, the Kids Save Account will help young parents plan for their children’s futures while inculcating the good habit of saving money to them. 


“We believe in teaching children about good money management skills by nurturing the habit to save money from young. The money put into the Phillip Bank Kids Save Account will earn them more interest over time compared to other banks and therefore, the earlier the child starts saving, the more money he or she will have in the long run,” said Mr Han Peng Kwang, General Manager of Phillip Bank.


With interest rates starting from 1.5% and going as high as 3% per annum, the Kids Save Account allows parents to plan the financing of their children’s education. In addition, the insurance coverage on the applicant (the parents) further protects the future of the child in the case of eventualities as the child would receive the savings balance as well as the sum assured. 


The Kids Save Account is now available at any of Phillip Bank’s 4 branches located within Phnom Penh and more information on this can be found at www.phillipbank.com.kh




28 August 2014 (Phnom Penh) Announces acquisition of HwangDBS Bank, now renamed as Phillip Bank 

PhillipCapital (“the Group”) is pleased to announce that with its acquisition of HwangDBS Commercial Bank, the name of the bank has been changed to Phillip Bank. This acquisition further extends the Group’s already significant presence in Cambodia, and will allow it to tap into the synergies between the Bank and the Group’s existing microfinance operations in the country. This is in line with PhillipCapital’s  objective of providing a wider range of financial products and services for its customers in Cambodia.

Founded in 2009, HwangDBS Commercial Bank (now renamed as Phillip Bank) became wholly owned by PhillipCapital on 14 March 2014, and currently has 4 branches in Phnom Penh, with plans to expand its network to other major cities in Cambodia.  Over the past 5 months since the change in ownership, its 80 employees have diligently worked to re-position the Bank by putting customers first in all its products and services.

 “We are delighted to have this new partnership with PhillipCapital.  We look forward to benefit from their expertise in integrated financial products and services to expand our business in Cambodia.  At the same time, Phillip Bank will tap into the Group’s international connectivity as well as its core competencies in distribution and information technology”, said Han Peng Kwang, General Manager of Phillip Bank.  

 “PhillipCapital looks forward to working closely with Phillip Bank to introduce more financial products and services to Cambodia.  We also plan to creatively tap into potential synergies between the Bank and KREDIT Microfinance Institution, in which PhillipCapital has a significant shareholding together with its partner, World Relief.  The overriding objective is to benefit our customers in the country. Importantly, we are positive about the economic prospects of Cambodia”, said Lim Hua Min, Executive Chairman, PhillipCapital.

Situated at the heart of South East Asia and Indochina, Cambodia has a population of 15 million, and GDP growth rate exceeding 7% in 2013.  With continuing political stability, its young and dynamic population is driving its economy on a high growth trajectory. In the financial services area, Cambodia has a well regulated banking and microfinance industry.   



26 March 2014 (THAILAND) - PhillipCapital ("the Group") is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Finansa Life Assurance Co Ltd, one of the 25 licenced life insurance companies in Thailand.  The company's name has been officially changed to Phillip Life Assurance Public Company Limited ("Phillip Life") with effect from 13 March 2014.   Through a series of capital injections, PhillipCapital now owns 98% of Phillip Life.


Mr Lim Hua Min, Chairman of the Group, said, “We are very excited with the new acquisition.  We see tremendous growth potential in the life insurance business in Thailand.  The acquisition allows PhillipCapital to offer a complete suite of financial products to serve our clients in their different phases of their lives - from saving to protection and finally wealth management.  We are confident of the economic potential of Thailand and the Indo-China region in general.”


The acquisition is strategic to PhillipCapital as there are significant synergies that can be harnessed from its different businesses in Thailand.  The Group plans to increase its presence in the country through organic and acquisition growth as well as through strategic alliances.  


PhillipCapital first invested in Thailand in early 1990s in a joint venture with Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited through IFS Capital Thailand.  The latter is now listed on the Securities Exchange of Thailand and the Group remains as a major shareholder.  PhillipCapital later acquired Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Co Ltd in 1998 and the company is the first stockbroking firm in Thailand to offer its clients desktop and mobile stock trading through POEMS – its online trading platform.  With the addition of Phillip Life to the family, PhillipCapital has made further inroad into the country.


The Group currently operates in 16 countries across the world, offering a wide range of financial products and services to its customers.  In line with PhillipCapital's overall strategy to strengthen its footprint in the Indo-China region, the Group has also invested in micro-finance and banking businesses in Cambodia over the last five years.



12 February 2014 - Phillip Securities Pte Ltd clinched the Top SGX-ST Member 2013 (Structured Warrants) and Top ASEAN SGX-ST Member 2013 at the 'SGX Annual Awards Night' held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. The awards were presented by the CEO of SGX, Mr Magnus Bocker. 


These awards recognize, together with two other Top SGX-ST Member 2013 (Structured Warrants) and four other Top ASEAN SGX-ST Member 2013, the strong contribution of Phillip to the growth of SGX's Securities market in the previous year.


Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, receiving the award.




20 August 2013 - Phillip Securities, a member of PhillipCapital, announced today the launch of its service for parents to open joint accounts with their children (from new-born to up to 18 years old) through the Share Builders Plan.

Phillip Securities was the first to launch a regular investment plan branded as ‘Share Builders Plan’ (SBP) since 2001 among retail investors in Singapore as an option of owning shares from as low as S$100 a month. Since then, SBP has expanded its offerings to include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), which aim to provide investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

“I have always been encouraged by my father to invest early. So when I started working, SBP was the perfect investment for me. Starting at $500 a month, I’ve gradually increased the amount and I'm glad to say that it is now a substantial portfolio. The strategy of dollar cost averaging has worked well for me, which is why I'm going to recommend it to my children in the future,” attested Dr. Lin K.W, customer of more than 10 years.

“Over the past 38 years, we have strengthened our commitment in providing quality service to our retail customers. Phillip has been a major player in Singapore’s financial landscape by consistently innovating our products and services,” said Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities.

“We are pleased Phillip is making regular share savings more inclusive with the launch of its Joint Minor Account service for our young ones. Singaporeans are, by and large, missing out on the benefit of long-term regular share investing, as mentioned in our discussion paper “Retiring in Comfort”. We look forward to more providers bringing to Singaporeans easy and economical ways to invest in shares earlier in life,” said Ms Lynn Gaspar, Senior Vice President of Singapore Exchange.

In appreciation of the steadfast support from customers, Phillip SBP celebrates its 12th Anniversary by introducing the Joint Account Service for parents to invest with their children (from new-born to up to 18 years old) – “A Gift For Your Little Ones” – to give them a head start in life.

Product Overview

Share Builders Plan (SBP) is a regular fixed dollar amount investment plan, which enables one to buy shares on a consistent and incremental basis so as to build up a portfolio of securities eventually. Therefore, a huge amount of money will not be required to invest in stock market since SBP presents an opportunity to invest in stock market to buy smaller quantity at a reduced cost.

By investing a fixed amount of money consistently every month over a period of time, average cost of shares purchased will generally be lower than the average price of the shares over the same period of time. This is possible since with the same amount of money, investors will buy more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when prices are high.

This investment method is known as Dollar Cost Averaging; and it is especially useful in hedging against market volatility. With such a disciplined and consistent method, one will eventually build up a portfolio of stocks at a lower averaged cost.

For more information on Phillip Share Builders Plan, visit www.poems.com.sg/sbp


11 January 2013 − Phillip Securities, a member of PhillipCapital, first introduced Contracts for Difference (CFD) among Singaporean traders in 2003. Since then, its team of approachable and dedicated dealers has continued to provide trustworthy services to clients, who have in turn enabled Phillip CFD in becoming the Largest CFD Provider* in Singapore for three consecutive years. In appreciation of such steadfast support, as well as to celebrate the onset of a decade, Phillip CFD celebrates its 10th Anniversary with two momentous events in January.

The first is a 10th Anniversary celebratory seminar – Asian Market Outlook for 2013 – to be held on Saturday, 19 January at the Rock Auditorium, Suntec City Mall. The day-long event includes a series of talks and a panel discussion featuring distinguished guest speakers Mr Robin Ho (Top tier trader and remiser, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd), Mr Joshua Tan (Equity Strategist and Head, Phillip Securities Research Pte Ltd), Mr Chris Tse (Associate Director, FTSE Group Asia) and Mr Soon Loo (Senior Executive Coach and Program Leader, Executive Coach International). This event also embarks on the official launch of the Phillip CFD Trading Arena – a new and exciting CFD trading game open to all Phillip CFD clients. From now until March 2013, players will be given the chance to pit their trading skills using live accounts. There will be a wealth of trading know-how to be learnt and more than S$12,000 worth of prizes to be won.

Phillip CFD will also honor the top remisiers and dealing teams of 2012.

*The Largest CFD Provider by Market Share in the Singapore CFD Reports of 2012, 2011 and 2010 by Investment Trends


15 May 2013 (Singapore) – PhillipCapital, one of the largest Asian financial firms with a global reach, brings Turkish market experts to Singapore at the Turkey-Singapore Investment Forum 2013 on 17 May, SGX Auditorium. The forum provides key insights into the current economic development, investment climate and capital markets of Turkey; offering a new and fast growing market to Singapore investors.

Turkey is a country offering significant opportunities for foreign investors with its geographically perfect position to function as a gateway between Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. Solid economic growth along with political stability has topped international investors’ confidence in Turkey, according to auditing and consultancy firm Ernst & Young’s (E&Y) recently released Turkey Attractiveness Survey 2013.

This forum provides a platform for the local and Turkish financial and business community to share and exchange knowledge and industry views on the current development of the capital market, particularly the Islamic financial markets in both countries. Singapore is a gateway for Turkish investors and financial institutions to expand their trade and investment opportunities in the ASEAN region. Conversely the Singaporean financial community, through this forum, can explore the opportunities in Turkey and use it as proxy to the Central Asian and Europe regions.

PhillipCapital established itself in the Turkish market through the acquisition of an Istanbul-based securities and futures brokerage in early 2012. PhillipCapital Menkul Degerler, our Turkish company is a member of both the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Turkish Derivatives Exchange.

With the aim of building a global network, PhillipCapital had set its footprints across major financial centres in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. “Over the past 37 years, we have expanded not only our regional presence; but also widened our products and services range and evolved into a global player. Our presence worldwide exposes us to global opportunities and enables us to tap into opportunities that further strengthen PhillipCapital’s core business”, said Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, one of the member companies of PhillipCapital.

The Chairman of PhillipCapital Group Mr Lim Hua Min opens the event on 17 May, 1.30pm at the SGX Centre 1, Level 2 Auditorium. The guest speakers are: Dr Ibrahim Turhan, (Chairman and CEO of Borsa Istanbul), Mr. Cagatay Duruk (Director for Foreign Securities Market of Borsa Istanbul), Mr. Saruhan Dogan (Deputy Gen. Manager. Of Finansbank, one Turkey’s leading banks), Mr. Okan Boke (Bloomberg TV Commentator), and Mr. Tansu Sesli (Head of International Capital Markets of PhillipCapital Menkul Degerler).

The Turkey-Singapore Investment Forum is open to all investors, stock brokers and Singapore-listed companies who are interested to hear the latest updates on Turkey’s economy, business climate and investing into stocks listed on Borsa Istanbul. Its economic growth averaged more than 6% over the past 10 years, underpinned by a sound banking sector that was little affected by the 2008 financial crisis. The strength of the banking sector is reflected on Borsa Istanbul where it is the largest sector comprising 31.55% of Borsa’s market capitalization. “There are good opportunities in Turkish stocks and we look forward to offering Asian Investors access to Borsa Istanbul with PhillipCapital Menkul Degerler", said Kerem Korur, GM of PhillipCapital Turkey.

Phillip Securities receives Top SGX-ST Member 2012 (Structured Warrants) award

8 January 2013 - Phillip Securities Pte Ltd received the Top SGX-ST Member 2012 (Structured Warrants) award at the 'SGX Brokers Appreciation and Awards Night' held at the W Hotel Singapore, Sentosa Cove. The award was presented by the CEO of SGX, Mr Magnus Bocker.

This award recognizes, together with two other Top SGX-ST Member 2012 (Structured Warrants), the strong contribution of Phillip to the growth of SGX's Securities market in the previous year.


03 October 2012
- For three successive years, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (A member of PhillipCapital) has once again clinched the Best Retail Broker Award, recognised by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS) at the SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards 2012. Click HERE to view the full article.


02 August 2012 – PhillipCapital (the “Group”) is now officially present in 16 countries after the conclusion of the Share Purchase Agreement, as reported earlier in March, with MF Global Sify Securities Private Limited (the “Company”). In this agreement, the Group acquired a majority stake of the Company from MF Global Overseas Limited and Sify Technologies Limited. The acquisition includes a 100% owned Dubai subsidiary, MF Global Middle East DMCC, a broker and clearing member of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX).

The Company received the necessary regulatory and statutory 'no objection approvals' for the change in control. Hence, will be renamed soon as PhillipCapital (India) Pvt Limited.

With the aim of building a global network, the Group had set its footprints across major financial centres in Asia, Europe and North America. In Q1 2012, PhillipCapital entered Turkey with the acquisition of an Istanbul-based securities and futures brokerage called Hak Menkul Kiymetler, which is a member of both the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Turkish Derivatives Exchange.

“Over the past 37 years, we have expanded tremendously not only in our regional presence; but also in widening our products and services as a global player. This milestone lives up to endless possibilities to tap on global opportunities and continue strengthening PhillipCapital’s footprints”, said Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, member of the PhillipCapital group.

Locally, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd will open its 10th Phillip Investor Centre at Holland Drive by end of Q3 2012.



13 March 2012 –PhillipCapital is pleased to announce the acquisition of HAK MENKUL KIYMETLER A.Ş. (“HAK”), a securities and futures brokerage firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. This acquisition further extends our reach of markets, and will allow the Group to tap into the growth of the capital markets in Turkey and the region. With this acquisition, PhillipCapital now operates in 13 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. This is in line with the Group’s objective of providing a wider range of financial products and services for its customers.

Founded in 1990 and a pioneer in online trading, HAK is a member of both the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Turkish Derivatives Exchange. The company also holds a minority stake in Takasbank A.Ş., the central clearing and settlement bank.

“We are delighted to have this new partnership with PhillipCapital. We look forward to benefit from their expertise in stockbroking and related activities to expand our business in Turkey, while tapping into the Group’s global connectivity”,said Kerem Korur, General Manager of HAK.

“PhillipCapital looks forward to working closely with HAK to introduce more Asian and global financial products to the Turkish markets. We also plan to introduce Turkish financial products to Asia through our extensive distribution network. We are proud that HAK will become the first Asian-owned firm to be a member of the Istanbul Stock Exchange”, said Thomas Yeoh, Director of Corporate Development, PhillipCapital.

Situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Turkey has a population of over 70 million, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita exceeding USD 10,000, and GDP growth rate of 8.9% in 2010. There are currently more than 350 companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, while the futures market, Turkish Derivatives Exchange, has been growing steadily since its launch in 2005. Its young and dynamic population is driving its economy on a high growth trajectory. In the financial services area, Turkey aims to be an international financial centre for the region.

Best Retail Broker Award 2010 Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS)

5 October 2010- Investors’ Choice Awards 2010 Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (a member of PhillipCapital) clinched the ‘Best Retail Broker Award 2010’ in the recently held Investors’ Choice Awards 2010 recognised by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS). Click here to view.

Buy, Sell and Go - Published by The Edge Singapore, issue no. 441, October 4 to 10, 2010.

4 October 2010- An article featuring Phillip Securities mobile broker was published in The Edge Singapore, issue no. 441, October 4 to 10, 2010.
Reproduced with permission of The Edge Publishing Pte Ltd., Copyright © 2010 The Edge Publishing Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Click here to view.

Phillip Capital Management (S) Ltd (A member of PhillipCapital) has won the following award at the The Edge-Lipper Fund Awards 2010.

18 March 2010- Phillip Asia Pacific Growth Fund
Winner of the Equity Asia Pacific (10 Year) category

The factsheet of the winning fund can be viewed here.

The Edge-Lipper Awards recognise funds that have excelled in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to peers.

More information on Phillip Capital Management's award-winning funds can be found here.


PhillipCapital's Chairman Receives SGX Special Achievement Award

14 September 2009 – PhillipCapital congratulates our Chairman, Mr. Lim Hua Min, on receiving the SGX Special Achievement Award.

Mr. Lim Hua Min, Chairman of the PhillipCapital group of companies, was honoured for spearheading innovation in the securities and derivatives industry through the member companies of PhillipCapital. In October 1996, Phillip Securities pioneered the launch of the first multi-asset class online trading platform (POEMS) in Asia. The securities arm of the group was also the first to set up retail investor centres in Singapore. In 2003, PhillipCapital was the first to introduce Contracts for Difference (CFD) to Singaporean investors.

PhillipCapital continues to bring innovative products and services to the investing public in order to offer our clients more choices in their investments and trades. We are also committed to the continuous education of our clients so that they are able to make informed investment and trading decisions.

We would like to thank the clients of PhillipCapital for your continuous support of our products and services.

Funds and securities of Phillip Securities’ clients are not commingled with company’s assets

03 December 2008 – We would like to inform our clients that Phillip Securities keeps clients’ funds in a trust account, which are not commingled with its own house funds. Clients’ securities in Phillip Securities’ custody are maintained in client segregated accounts, with Singapore-listed shares being kept in separate individual CDP sub-accounts for each client. This is in accordance with section 104 of the Securities and Futures Act (‘SFA”) which requires that a CMS licence holder handle clients’ moneys and assets in line with regulations prescribed by the MAS. In addition, section 104A of the SFA provides that clients’ moneys and assets cannot be used for payment of the CMS licence holder’s debts.

PhillipCapital Investor Focus – Bring Your Investment to a New Frontier Roadshow & Seminars

28 October 2008 – Our roadshow was held at Chevron House, Raffles Place from 13 to 17 Oct 2008. This time, we showcased some of our popular financial products and services such as Contracts for Difference (CFD), Futures, Currencies & Commodities, Phillip On-line Electronic Mart System (POEMS) and Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). Clients can enjoy exciting promotions such as giveaways, premium gifts, sure win lucky dip and of course, the Grand Draw which was the main highlight of this event.

We also managed to draw more than 100 participants to register for our seminars held on 18 Oct 2008 and 19 Oct 2008 respectively. Most participants left the seminars with valuable product knowledge and useful investment advice and tips by our fund houses experts from Liffe, Fidelity, Lyxor and Société Générale.

Click here to view the event photos.
Click here to view our Grand Draw winner.

Phillip Money Market Fund does not hold equity or debt directly related to Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch or AIG.

18 September 2008 – We would like to inform investors that Phillip Money Market Fund does not hold equity or debt directly related to Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch or AIG. More than 45% of our portfolio is currently in Cash and overweight in Singapore government bonds. We will continue to monitor the economic situation closely and inform our clients accordingly. Should you have further queries, please contact your sales representative or our Hotline at 6531 1555.

Joint Media Release: PhillipCapital and AmFraser Securities launch industry’s first retail allocation reports on ETFs, with SGX support

24 July 2008 – We are pleased to launch industry's first retail allocation reports with AmFraser, with SGX's support. The report aims to provide investing public macro overviews and performance analyses of selected underlying markets of SGX-listed ETFs, with recommended ETFs for diversification purpose.

To read the ETF Report, please click here.
To read the press release, please click.

Embark on Your Financial Journey with PhillipCapital – Roadshow & Seminars

22 May 2008 – Various investment products like Unit Trusts, Phillip Managed Accounts, Phillip GEMS Accounts and Phillip Capital Management were showcased during this roadshow from 15 to 18 May 2008. Most investors are able to find out which investment products suit them best.

On the other hand, our resident experts and distinguished speakers from Fidelity, Henderson Global Investors and UOB Asset Management shared their valuable insights on the market outlook and how investors can ride out the market uncertainties during our seminars from 17 to 18 May 2008. Click here to view the event photos.

OTC Capital stock prices are now available on Reuters 3000 Xtra

16 May 2008 – This is a result of the new exemption granted by Monetary Authority of Singapore. Under this exemption, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (a member of PhillipCapital) can now post prices of securities traded on OTC Capital on the system networks of Bloomberg and Reuters.

“The availability of OTC stock prices on Reuters 3000 Xtra provides investors and potential investors with another easy access to information on current prices and trading volumes of securities quoted on OTC. This should also boost the profiles of our OTC quoted companies.” said Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd.

OTC Capital stock prices are now available on Bloomberg Terminal

17 Apr 2008 – This latest progress is a result of the new exemption granted by Monetary Authority of Singapore. Under this exemption, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (a member of PhillipCapital) can now post prices of securities traded on OTC Capital on the system networks of Bloomberg and Reuters.

“This new development marks another milestone for OTC Capital. With OTC stock prices on Bloomberg Terminal, it will definitely raise the profiles of OTC Companies. We also foresee that more investors as well as potential investors will be aware of OTC Capital and recognise its growth potential.” said Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd.

PhillipCapital's first investor hub

22 Feb 2008 - Adopting a clubhouse concept, Phillip Investor Hub aims to bring our wide array of financial services nearer to the heartland and enhances consumer convenience with our seven-day service and extended operating hours. To view some photos of our Phillip Investor Hub, please click here

Straits Times Index (STI) unavailable wef 10 Jan 2008

08 Jan 2008 - Please be informed that the revamped STI as well as the other 18 new indices of the FTSE ST Index Series, expected to go live on 10 Jan 2008, will not be available in all POEMS trading platforms, our trading representatives' terminals and Phillip corporate website wef 10 Jan 2008 until further notice.

Meanwhile, the FTSE STI data can be obtained from other sources such as Reuters, Bloomberg, SGX and Yahoo! Finance websites.

Phillip Securities is appointed first distributor of Eurizon Capital funds in Singapore

21 Nov 2007 - Phillip Securities will distribute 7 of the Eurizon Capital funds launched in Singapore, which will be available to accredited investors. The funds, recognised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the restricted scheme, are domiciled in Luxembourg. Eurizon Capital is fully owned by Intessa SanPaolo, the leading banking group in Italy.

Mr. Lim Hua Min, Executive Chairman of Phillip Securities, underlined that, "with this partnership, PhillipCapital broadens the fund offerings on our platform (which currently stands at about 400 funds) to our customers, providing them with more choice. It also presents an opportunity for us to introduce an important European player to our clients in Singapore."

Let your investments take flight with PhillipCapital - Roadshow & Seminars

22 Oct 2007 - From 18 - 21 Oct, Investors mingled with our advisers and learnt how they could beef up their investment portfolios with products like Contracts for Difference (CFD), Unit Trust and Stocks, or to simply entrust their investments to the professionals with managed accounts. During our 2-day weekend seminars, we invited speakers from prominent fund houses like Fidelity, UOB Asset Management and Henderson Global Investors, in addition to our own in-house experts who shared their views on where the potentials in the market lie. Click here to view the event photos.

PhillipCapital’s Windows of Opportunities Roadshow and Seminar was held from 20 - 26 April 2007.

1 May 2007 - A wide array of investment products like Unit Trust, Contracts for Difference (CFD), Treasury Bills, Futures, Forex and Stocks and Shares were featured to allow investors to learn more about the various investment opportunities available to them. Talks by resident experts also helped investors understand more about the current investment climate and how they are able to utilise the available products and services to make the most of their investments.
Click here for more information

Online Sale of Singapore Government Treasury Bills

18 Jan 2007 - Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, a member of PhillipCapital, is the first in Singapore to launch the online sale of Singapore Government Treasury Bills (T Bills), via its Internet trading platform – Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System (POEMS). Retail investors can now buy/sell this low risk, high interest investment product at a mouse click away, with a minimum investment of $1,000.

T Bills are basically securities issued by the Singapore government. They work like a savings product, similar to Fixed Deposits, which reward the investors with interest rates at the end of an agreed term. For people who are looking for a short-term investment that provides a good yield, T Bills are good choice as they provide higher interest rate than simple Fixed Deposits.

Launch of OTC Capital

27th July 2006 – OTC Capital, a market making trading platform for the shares of unlisted Singapore companies. It allows companies to raise new capital in a relatively cost-effective manner. Companies that use OTC to raise funds and allow secondary trading of their shares are only quoted and dealt in OTC and are subject to the admission criteria, continuing obligations and requirements that are set out in the OTC Trading Rules.

This also allows investors, who need not to be in the league of Venture Capitalists or Private Equity Firms to invest in unlisted securities via the OTC Trading Platform. This platform allows smaller investors to diversify into riskier assets such as unlisted securities and this allows for greater diversification in asset allocation for investors.

International Factors (Singapore) Ltd Change of Name to IFS Capital Limited

26th April 2006 – In a move to reflect the diverse range of activities carried out by the Group, International Factors (Singapore) Ltd has changed its name to IFS Capital Limited. While factoring remains a core activity, the Group is also involved in working capital loans, hire purchase, leasing and machinery loans as well as investments. It has further diversified in the last few years into credit insurance and guarantee, mezzanine capital and structured finance, as well as cross border loans and finance. A name change is thus appropriate to reflect its diversity. The new name, IFS Capital Limited retains the historical brand name, IFS, as well as identifies with its growing diversification into other services.

ECICS Management Pte Ltd Change of Name

7th April 2006 – ECICS Management Pte Ltd has announced its name change to Phillip Private Equity Pte Ltd.

PhillipCapital to offer RHB multi-exchange trading platform

1st July 2005 - PhillipCapital has entered into an agreement with RHB Securities Sdn Bhd, the stockbroking arm of RHB Group, to provide their clients the facility of a multi-exchange trading platform via Phillip's Online Electronic Mart System (POEMS).

The service empowers RHB Securities' clients to have a choice in multiple markets trading, offering them the opportunity of seeking potentially higher returns in international stock markets as well as widening their risk management options via greater diversification of equity portfolios.

"The 'modus operandi' between us and Phillip Securities is seamless via an internet platform base compared to the broker assisted method. Speed of execution and confirmation is tremendously improved. It is similar to using our current Bursa Malaysia "Broker Front End" system, in which a dealer takes an order from a client, executes and confirms electronically," RHB Securities chief executive officer, Dr Zaha Rina Zahari said.

PhillipCapital ties up with Japan broker Aizawa

1st December 2004 - PhillipCapital signed an agreement to provide Japanese brokerage firm, Aizawa Securities, the CqConnect order-routing system that will allow Aizawa's clients to trade online real-time in additional five markets from June 2005, adding Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, U.K. and U.S. to its existing portfolio which currently include Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Dongwon Securities Co. Ltd. (Korea), Polaris Securities Co. Ltd. (Taiwan), Tai fook Securities Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong), which currently use Aizawa Securities' on-line trading service, will also participate in the online trading through CqConnect. Aizawa's president, Mr. Shuzo Yoshida, said that this service will eventually be extended to Brazil, Russia, China and India. Mr. Yoshida expects the overseas online turnover to rise at least 50 percent with this tie-up.

Representing PhillipCapital at the signing is Executive Chairman, Mr. Lim Hua Min. "We're looking at the long-term implications of exposing both our markets to each other," Mr Lim said. "While costs are low, the benefits from a global link-up are tremendous. A company that becomes a member of the CqConnect family will gain immediate access to 9 countries and 11 major exchanges, representing a significant volume of the world's equity business."

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