POEMS Ventures

We believe that man has tremendous potential


Our Approach to Innovation Story

POEMS platform is probably one of the earliest FINTECH launching online trading as early as 1996. From the screeching sounds of the dial up modems to the Robo Advisors, PhillipCapital’s technology team continues to innovate. We adopt a multi-level approach to innovation from internal projects to collaboration with fintech to Poems Ventures Fund.

Poems Ventures Mandate

POEMS Ventures is one of the venture capital arm of PhillipCapital. We invest in companies that are willing to push the boundaries. We invest at seed, series A or B stages from US$100,000 - US$300,000. POEMS Ventures can provide start-ups with valuable guidance accumulated from our years of experiences in the finance industry and our long history in South East Asia. PhillipCapital has offices around the world and can facilitate overseas expansion for its portfolio companies.

In-House Champions and Work groups

“Each business line is subject to disruption.” Business units lead initiatives like digitizations and user centred design solving the age-old question - how we can better serve our clients? Our engineers explore technology stack that will support our future customer needs. New methods of innovation through our annual hackathon and agile thinking are part of our innovation journey.

Why Innovation?

Where will we be in 10 years time is an unknown? Banks may not be around but banking will. Brokers may not be around but broking will.

As a leading brokerage firm in Singapore, we pride ourselves in doing the best for our investors. With Fintech, we can extend our products to the wider population and provide better services to our existing client base. While Fintech may potentially disrupt our traditional businesses, we focus on the bigger picture and recognise the complementary value that Fintech adoption can bring to us. Our focus on Fintech is an investment for the future. It is all about being better to serve clients.

Why PhillipCapital

Fintech startups face regulatory hurdles which impede their business development and expansion. As a regulated financial institution, Phillip network offices can provide our expertise and experience. We built a team of engineers and Wealth practitioners who are a valuable resource for startups.

At POEMS Ventures, we seek to build with our portfolio companies. We believe in creating value and helping our portfolio companies attain a repeatable and scalable business model as we have done with POEMS.