Liquidity Provider / Market Maker (LP/MM) Division

Who are we

We are a team of passionate and innovative finance professionals who specialize in pricing financial assets into the capital markets. From listed products in global exchanges to unlisted products Over-The-Counter transactions, we leverage on leading technology to create uninterrupted operation of the financial markets under any market condition. Well established in Asia since 2015, with access to PhillipCapital Group’s global network of offices, we provide liquidity to equities, ETFs, and Futures products across various exchanges.

What we do

Our services cover commercial market making, institution bulk orders and liquidity provision for equities, futures and ETFs. With more products in the pipeline, it is crucial to have a ready market with tight bids and ask prices for buyers and sellers to transact. We bring value to the financial markets through our commitment to:

  1. encourage Price Discovery
  2. provide tight Bid-Ask spreads
  3. provide deep liquidity in financial markets
  4. offer Commercial Market Making services for your exchange-traded financial product.

Our Awards

Most Active ETF Market Maker 2020

As the designated ETF market maker from the Singapore brokerage industry, Phillip Securities is committed to providing liquidity under all market conditions. We ensure a continuous and conducive investing environment for ETF investors and pride ourselves in maintaining fair and tight spreads throughout each trading day.

As a key stakeholder in the ETF ecosystem, we work closely with exchanges, regulators, and fund management companies to advance the growth of the Singapore ETF industry.


Why partner with PhillipCapital LP/MM

We are the biggest privately owned Asian broker with deep rooted connection to both the emerging as well as the leading global markets.  We can help to develop your market depth and tighten your asset pricing to your buy side audience.

Products offered

We provide liquidity in the following exchanges:

ETFs on
Singapore Exchange

ETFs on
Stock Exchange of Thailand

ETFs on
Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Alternative Instruments on
Alternate Exchanges