Why Join PhillipCapital?

Do you enjoy flexibility, empowerment and fulfilment in your career?

A career at PhillipCapital as a Financial Advisory Consultant, Trading Representative and Portfolio Managers can be challenging yet fulfilling.

As no client situation is the same, you will become nimble and more innovative as you think out of the box to help them find solutions for their financial needs.

Furthermore, you’ll find fulfilment as you share your knowledge and expertise with your clients and help them improve their financial literacy to secure a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

Think you have what it takes? Reach out to us at entrepreneur@phillip.com.sg and join us!

Financial Advisory Consultant
As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you can offer over 300 financial products and services to your retail clients, high net worth individuals and corporate clients. If you are concerned about providing value-added services to your clients, fret not as you will be equipped with information such product comparisons and performance analysis of investments.

At PhillipCapital, we adopt a team-based structure where we tap on each other’s strengths, and ensure the generation of long-term recurring and sustainable income for our advisors.
Trading Representative
As a Trading Representative of PhillipCapital, you have access to a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, such as broking in securities, exchange traded funds, unit trusts, equity financing, futures, insurance planning, fund management, managed accounts (private portfolio), and regular savings plan.

With our integrated platforms and wide range of products, you will be able to support your clients’ needs in both local and global markets.
Portfolio Manager
Take your clients’ trust in you and progress further by managing their portfolios directly based on your own investment strategy as a Portfolio Manager. Leverage on the PhillipCapital brand, investment platform and infrastructure to take your business to greater heights.



Achieve flexibility, empowerment and fulfilment in your career


Enjoy a challenging yet fulfilling career as PhillipCapital’s Financial Advisory Consultant, Trading Representative or Portfolio Manager


Be the integrated service hub for your customers


Be rewarded like an entrepreneur running your own business


Generate multiple revenue streams through building of your customer’s portfolio


Accumulate assets and gain credit Reach out to generations of customers and tailor solutions for them



What's Happening?

Ask Me Anything: Women in Finance/Investing for Women: Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$!?

09 Mar 2022, 8pm – 9pm

Speaker: Claudia Tan | Financial Services Manager @Phillip Securities & Christina Lim | Financial Advisory Consultant | Phillip Securities & Tan Me Ling | Deputy Head, Partnership Department | Phillip Securities 

Find out why it’s crucial for women to take control of their personal finances and investment strategies!

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Entrepreneurship at PhillipCapital

Grandpa's Timeless Advice

Have a passion in finance & investment and want all that and more?

Turn your Passion and Entrepreneurship into a Successful Career with us today

Make your Dream a Reality

Andy started his career as a Technician in an Oil & Gas industry. Somehow, there was a voice inside of him telling him to pursue his dream. Today, he has progressed to a Portfolio Manager.

Soaring High in the Skies and on Land

Senior Financial Advisory Consultant, Cheryl Tan shares on how she made a “smooth landing” from a Cabin Crew to a Financial Planner and the importance of having a sound and resilient financial planning!

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