Do you enjoy flexibility, empowerment and fulfilment in your career?

A career at PhillipCapital as a Financial Advisory Consultant, Trading Representative and Portfolio Managers can be challenging yet fulfilling.

As no client situation is the same, you will become nimble and more innovative as you think out of the box to help them find solutions for their financial needs.

Furthermore, you’ll find fulfilment as you share your knowledge and expertise with your clients and help them improve their financial literacy to secure a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

Think you have what it takes ? Reach out to us at and join us!

As a Financial Advisory Consultant, you can offer over 300 financial products and services to your retail clients, high net worth individuals and corporate clients. If you are concerned about providing value-added services to your clients, fret not as you will be equipped with information such product comparisons and performance analysis of investments.

At PhillipCapital, we adopt a team-based structure where we tap on each other’s strengths, and ensure the generation of long-term recurring and sustainable income for our advisors.

As a Trading Representative of PhillipCapital, you have access to a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, such as broking in securities, exchange traded funds, unit trusts, equity financing, futures, insurance planning, fund management, managed accounts (private portfolio), and regular savings plan.

With our integrated platforms and wide range of products, you will be able to support your clients’ needs in both local and global markets.

Take your clients’ trust in you and progress further by managing their portfolios directly based on your own investment strategy as a Portfolio Manager. Leverage on the PhillipCapital brand, investment platform and infrastructure to take your business to greater heights.

Your Reality

Multiple Partnerships
Lack of sales support
Conflict of customer interest

Your Future

Customer-driven model

Integrated service hub for your customers

Customers desire one-stop finance solutions in this day and age. You will be able to serve them comprehensively by offering them a wide range of options, including choices on how they can forge a meaningful relationship with us.

Prioritize their needs

Being a PhillipCapital entrepreneur means you have the latitude to tailor solutions based on what your customers prefer. And this leaves you the room to maximize your abilities as a Wealth Manager.  

Develop trust

As you cater your services to your customer’s unique desires, what comes naturally is a bond between both sides developed on the bedrock of trust. 

Your Reality

Advisory Business only

Your Future

Sharing in multiple revenue streams

Our model is different from the standard Gross/Total Revenue (GR/TR) Model. With PhillipCapital, you share in multiple revenue streams on assets you have today and assets you gather moving forward.

PhillipCapital Entrepreneurship Model

Be rewarded like an entrepreneur

With our entrepreneurship model, you don’t just get rewarded like a financial advisor, but as an entrepreneur. Our revenue model is streamlined and clear, letting you in on multiple income streams. 

Generate income building your customer’s portfolio

Whether it’s Stock-Broking, Life Insurance, Unit Trusts, Managed Accounts, or other products and services, generate your income as you build your customers’ portfolio.   

Accumulate assets and gain credit

Credit goes to you and your branch as you manage customer portfolios, grow your base, accumulate assets and new account leads.  

Your Reality

Hitting the ceiling

Your Future

Scaling your business

Our model is built for scale and the notion that clients can choose how they want to work with us. You can serve different types of investors—and potentially accelerate growth.

Keep your customers coming

By partnering with PhillipCapital, you gain access to our tried-and-tested high tech and high touch approach that will empower you to forge strong bonds with your customers, and keep them coming. 

Gain the edge as the financial landscape evolves

As disruption changes the way we work, gain an edge for yourself and your customers with our award-winning suite of digital platforms that help investors stay ahead of the curve. 

Reach out to generations of customers

Whether it’s the young investor or the elderly generation looking forward to their golden years, partner with PhillipCapital to cast a wide net and help people from all backgrounds with their unique financial journey.

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    Evaluating the Opportunity

    • You have your hopes and vision in growing your financial advisory base, and our dedicated Business Development professionals will take the time to understand your needs in planning for the future of your business.
    • By becoming a PhillipCapital entrepreneur, it’s not just about running in the circles of wealth management or investment firms anymore. It’s about the unique niche you desire to carve out for yourself in this space.

    Meeting PhillipCapital Partners

    • Come and chat with us! Get to know our team, because we would love to get to know you! Above all, we desire to forge a fruitful partnership with you that will achieve win-win outcomes.
    • Ask any question you have on our Phillip franchise model. We have dedicated specialists who will cater to your queries in face-to-face meetings that will hopefully lead to a meaningful relationship!

    Positioning Your Business

    • We will help craft your business strategy by analyzing the market household and asset opportunities available in your specific context, and leverage Phillip’s market share to drive growth.
    • We will help you choose a location to anchor your business based on factors like traffic flow, retail footprint, and brand positioning opportunities to enable you to maximize your gains.
    • We will help you handle lease negotiations, renovation plans and other fine details; which means you get to focus on building your business from day one.

    Transitioning to PhillipCapital

    • You have your unique financial advisory expectations, and our Business Development team will assist you in transitioning into a partnership with us.
    • Your Business Development team and other Phillip specialists will help manage your transition plan and determine the asset conversion process.
    • While you focus on your customers, we will assist you with operational issues from online account openings to Customer Relationship Management.
    • Your team of Business Development partners will meet you frequently to keep your transition on track and help you stay abreast of any developments that may arise.
    • You will have access to a robust training framework to prepare you to run your business, both online and in person.
    • Find out more about our new & simplified entry criteria.

    Opening Your Branch

    • The PhillipCapital “Franchise”. Our unique model.
    • In the run-up to the opening of your branch, we will help you make an impression with potential customers by working with you to generate buzz in showcasing your presence.
    • To position you as our newest partner, we will help you develop a strategy to connect with those in your community to let them know who they can turn to in seeking financial advisory help.
    • Your dedicated Business Development team will help you leverage your unique expertise and the PhillipCapital brand to grow your business throughout your partnership with us.