Share with us your financial objectives as we offer you our wide range of financial products and services in investment, protection, and financing.


Good investment planning starts with choices. You could invest in multiple Global Stocks & Shares, and other investment options like Unit Trusts, Contract for Differences (CFDs) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Our fund managers could also help you oversee your portfolio with a range of Managed Account services to meet your investment needs and objectives, taking into account your risk profile and time horizon.


Financial protection against unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents, death, disability or illnesses plays a vital role in your insurance planning to help ensure that they do not undermine your financial security. Our associations with some of the best life and general insurance companies provide you with a wide range of options to suit your insurance needs and objectives.


Leverage provides you with liquidity to trade more and seize market opportunities that avail themselves. With financing available in up to 9 currencies, traders can take leverage in the traded currency where applicable.

Using leverage investors can strive to build an income portfolio using "Positive Carry", when the net dividend or distribution that flows from an investment is greater than the cost of financing.


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