A Futures contract is essentially a contract between a buyer and seller of a product for an agreed price at a future date. Products that are commonly traded as a Futures contract includes products like crude oil, precious metals, grains, currencies, stock indices and more.

Why trade Futures?

  • Futures contracts are leveraged. Investors can trade large contracts at just the fraction of the cost, making it a cost-efficient instrument
    e.g. You buy 1 lot of MSCI Singapore Stock Index Futures valued at $75,000. Your initial margin required is only $2,200.
  • Profits are multiplied if the market moves in your favour. However, if the market moves against your position, your losses may also be magnified 
  • Trading opportunities in both rising and falling markets
  • Excellent liquidity for popular Futures contracts
  • Versatile tool for hedging your investment portfolio
  • Tap global opportunities with over 150 contracts to trade from

Stock Index Futures

Stock Index Futures offer a flexible and affordable alternative to your stocks investment as they replicate the performance of the underlying stock market. They double as a versatile hedging and trading instrument to help protect you against, or profit from stock market fluctuations.


Commodity Futures

Commodity futures are contracts with nature’s resources as underlying assets. With commodities gaining popularity as an important alternative asset, you can now invest in commodity futures to enhance your portfolio diversification, hedge against inflation and obtain returns.


Currency Futures

As an alternative to Spot Forex, currency futures allows you to manage the risks associated with currency rate fluctuations and to take advantage of opportunities stemming from these changes in currency rates. Phillip Futures offer regular size contracts(100-125K) as well as mini contracts (10K) for investors.

Interest Rate Futures

Interest rates futures enables you to hedge your interest rate risks and potentially reduce the overall cost of borrowing and financing. By locking in interest rates at a fixed rate, you can protect your assets and liabilities from the impact of volatility. Interest rate futures provides you the opportunity to gain from the accuracy of your market views on global interest rates movements and pricing.

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