Phillip's Online Electronic Mart System, or more commonly known as POEMS , is the pioneer for Singapore 's online share trading. Established by Phillip Securities Pte Ltd in 1996, it has undergone tremendous changes since then to better fulfil your needs whilst harnessing the power of modern technology.
POEMS offers you a whole range of services to complement your equities trading:

  • A wide range of financial services such as Shares Financing, Contracts for Difference (CFD) , Employee Shares Option Service (ESOS) , Securities Borrowing and Lending facility (SBL), Shares Builders Plan (SBP)
  • Research articles and news
  • Convenience of accessing multiple markets - Singapore, Malaysia, US (NYSE/NASDAQ & AMEX), Hong Kong, Thailand, UK, Japan - with just one trading account.
  • Free price quote for all financial markets listed above
  • Free sophisticated trading tools such as charting, past corporate information of listed companies in SGX & KLSE
  • Free email alert and SMS alert when trade is executed

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