Phillip Investor Centre Work Study Program

The Phillip Investor Centre Work Study Program aims to provide individuals with the flexibility and opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, and continue to build on what they have acquired in school or at previous employments.

Interested applicants will undergo a screening process to assess their suitability for the Work Study Program, before embarking on a paid 4 weeks study and an opportunity to undergo workplace attachment. They will have an assigned mentor at the selected workplace attachment and enjoy a well-structured career progression pathway, in line with the talent development plan. At the end of the Work Study Program, they will receive industry-recognized certificate(s) and/or license(s), and career advancement options based on performance.     


By clicking Submit for the above Work-Study Program, you consent to Phillip Securities Pte. Ltd. (“PSPL”), collecting, using and disclosing the personal data for purposes reasonably required for the purposes of the work study program.

  1. a) For Singaporean / Singaporean PR only
    b) Applicant must be 21 years of age and above to apply


By clicking Submit, for the above Work-Study Program, you agree to send your info to PSPL who agrees to use it according to their Privacy & Security Policy

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You understand that you are entitled to withdraw your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data by notifying the Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) of PSPL ( in writing or call our Customer Experience hotline at 6531 1555. You also understand that by withdrawing your consent may mean that PSPL is unable to proceed with your application for the Work-Study program.