Mr Lim Hua Min is Businessman of the year!

Singapore, 26th April 2018 – Mr Lim Hua Min, Executive Chairman of PhillipCapital group of companies, was named Businessman of the Year 2017 at the annual Singapore Business Awards (SBA) last night. Launched in 1985, the SBA has grown to be Singapore’s most prestigious business accolade. The criteria for the Businessman of the Year Award are categorised into four areas: Financial, Personal Qualities, Managerial Skills and Contribution to Singapore’s development.

Mr Lim’s contributions

Mr Lim is a pioneer in the Singapore stockbroking industry with more than 40 years of experience. He revolutionised the industry by introducing the first online stock trading platform, POEMS, in Singapore in October 1996. Mr Lim established Phillip Securities in 1975 and grew the company from a brokerage business into an integrated financial institution. Under Mr Lim’s leadership, the PhillipCapital Group of companies now operates in 17 countries.

In 1997, Mr Lim was the Chairman of the SES Review Committee, where he was responsible for crafting recommendations to make the Singapore capital market more globalised, competitive and robust to compete globally. The recommendations supported the broad liberalisation of the stockbroking industry.

Between September 2004 and August 2010, Mr Lim was a board member in the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. He served on several committees and subcommittees of the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES), and was one of the early chairmen of the Securities Association of Singapore. For his role as Chairman of the SES Review Committee, he was awarded the Public Service Medal in 1999. He also received the Singapore Achievement Award from the Singapore Exchange.

On 23 September 2015, Futures and Options World (FOW) awarded Mr Lim with its FOW’s Awards for Asia Lifetime Achievement Award and lauded him with building PhillipCapital into a global enterprise that operates across a number of business classes.

Visionary leader of PhillipCapital Group

Mr Lim has set the vision and strategy of the group to be an integrated Asian Financial House with a growing Global Presence using Information Technology and Distribution as the Core Competencies in the provision of Financial Services.

The Company believe in the High Tech & High Touch approach in providing personal financial services to the customers. Over the years, the company has intently moved from a single channel – single product to multiple channel – multiple product organisation. Today, the company is re-organising itself from product centricity to customer centricity in order to better serve the customer in the digital age. In an interview with The Business Times dated 23 May 2012, Mr Lim Said: “The challenge for people like us at Phillip is to shift from multi-product, multi-channel, to a more customer-centric value proposition in terms of providing them with financial solutions, whether they are in the form of investment or in the form of loans, or raising capital.”

Spawning New Enterprises

At the heart of every entrepreneurial businessman, it was the new joy and excitement of spawning new enterprises and providing opportunities for their people. Under the leadership of Mr Lim, the PhillipCapital Group is no longer just a stockbroker in its early days – it took steps to diversify its business and spawn new businesses beyond the capital markets. In an interview with The Edge Singapore magazine in June, 2015, Mr Lim said: “Today, the dynamics make it very tough; margins are being squeezed, and you end up in a world in which scale or dominance counts.  Other than that, you have to diversify. We have been speeding up our process of diversification.”

Moving beyond stockbroking, the Group took the opportunities to move into insurance and banking in Thailand and Cambodia.

The Singapore Business Awards (SBA), launched in 1985, are jointly organised by The Business Times, a business daily published by Singapore Press Holdings, and DHL, the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry, with the judging panel drawn from Singapore’s business sector, government agencies and academia.

Every year the awards honour Singapore’s business community in four categories – Businessman of the Year, the Enterprise Award for small and medium-sized enterprises, Outstanding CEO of the Year and Outstanding Overseas Executive of the Year.

About PhillipCapital

Established in 1975, PhillipCapital is a leading integrated Asian financial institution with network offices around the world, offering a comprehensive suite of innovative financial products and services to retail, institutional and corporate clients. Our comprehensive suite of financial services includes fund management, fixed income, unit trusts, insurance planning, investment research and broking in bonds, securities, futures, contracts for difference, foreign exchange, precious metals and commodities. Institutions can also benefit from our corporate finance and advisory services as well as information technology solutions.

Today, PhillipCapital operates in the financial hubs of 17 countries – Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, UAE, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, Australia and USA.

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