Phillip Securities becomes first brokerage firm in Asia to offer US Market Making service during Asian market hours

  • Phillip Securities, the brokerage arm of the PhillipCapital, launched new US Asian Hours service on 19 July 2022 on POEMS 2.0 web trading platform and POEMS Mobile 3.
  • With US Asian Hours, Phillip Securities will be the first brokerage firm in Asia to offer Market Making service for US equities and ETFs during Asian market hours.

SINGAPORE, 19 July 2022 – Phillip Securities, the brokerage arm of PhillipCapital, launched the US Asian Hours on 19 July 2022, which facilitates the trading of 38 US-listed equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) during Asian market hours, through both the web trading platform of Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System (POEMS) and the latest POEMS Mobile 3 App. With the launch, Phillip Securities will become the first brokerage firm in Asia to offer Market Making service for US equities and ETFs during Asian market hours.

The launch of the US Asian Hours represents an unprecedented development in the trading of US-listed stocks in Asia. From 19 July 2022, investors across Asia have the ability to make transactions from 9am – 5pm SGT through POEMS 2.0 web trading platform and POEMS Mobile 3, a significant departure from the current practice of night-time trading during US Pre-Market Hours and Regular Trading Hours (RTH). With US Asian Hours, clients on POEMS 2.0 web trading platform and POEMS Mobile 3 will be the first in Asia to have unparalleled access to trade US equities during Asian market hours and will be able to enjoy greater flexibility, convenience, and control in their trading and investment decisions.

Phillip Securities’ Executive Director in charge of this project, Mr Hitoshi Shimoyama, said “We are pleased to offer our clients an opportunity to trade US-listed equities and ETFs during the Asian time zones, through the US Asian Hours. We recognised the growing demand from Asian investors to trade US-listed equities and ETFs, and we have worked hard over the past few months to establish the US Asian Hours on POEMS 2.0 web trading platform and POEMS Mobile 3. Now, clients will have an earlier and longer trading window to make transactions, the opportunity to be more responsive to market movements, and have the peace of mind to have confirmation of their transactions during Singapore day-time hours, as well as the choice to sell on the US exchanges during the same-day Regular Trading Hours if they want to. This initiative is part of Phillip Securities’ endeavour to pre-empt the needs of our clients, and a testament to our capabilities to innovate and develop the relevant services for our clients.”

With the US Asian Hours service, seamless transactions between US Asian Hours, RTHs and US Pre-Market Trading will allow investors to leverage the first-mover advantage, by acting on any market-moving events that are outside of the RTH and US Pre-Market hours. To facilitate this, clients will be transacting with Phillip Securities as principal and the US Asian Hours will quote bid-offers via POEMS 2.0 web trading platform and POEMS Mobile 3, so that clients can make transactions with confidence in price security. The minimum size of transactions on the US Asian Hours will be USD 20,000.

As the pioneer online trading platform in Singapore, POEMS has been serving the investment community since 1996, and PhillipCapital continues to innovate and employ hi-tech and hi-touch solutions to serve the investing community. The launch of the US Asian Hours is part of PhillipCapital’s commitment to stay ahead of the curve and provide quality service for clients.


About Phillip Securities

A member of PhillipCapital, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services including broking in securities, futures, foreign exchange, bonds, precious metals and commodities, unit trusts, contracts for difference, exchange-traded funds; fund management, managed accounts, insurance planning, regular savings plan, investment research, equity financing and property consultancy. Institutions can also benefit from our corporate finance and advisory services as well as information technology solutions.

Since its inception as a stockbroker in 1975, PhillipCapital has grown into an integrated Asian financial house with a global presence and offers a full range of quality and innovative services to retail and high-net-worth individuals, family offices, as well as corporate and institutional customers. In 1996, Phillip Securities became the first retail broker to launch POEMS, an online trading platform and changed the way investors trade in Singapore.

Today, PhillipCapital headquartered in Singapore, operates in the financial hubs of 15 countries, including offices in Australia, Cambodia, China (and Hong Kong SAR), India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UK, UAE, USA and Vietnam, serving over 1 million clients with Assets Under Management of total more than USD 35 Billion.


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List of US-listed equities and ETFs to be traded on the US Asian Hours

Stock Name 


1.    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 


2.    Alibaba Gr. Ho. Ltd.  


3.    Alphabet Inc. 


4., Inc. 


5.    American Airlines 


6.    Apple Inc. 


7.    Applied Materials, Inc. 


8.    Bank of America 


9.    Berkshire Hathaway-B 


10.  The Boeing Company 


11.  Citigroup 


12.  CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. 


13.  The Walt Disney Company 


14.  Exxon 


15.  Ford Motor 


16.  Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 


17.  General Motors Company 


18.  Invesco QQQ Trust (ETF) 


19.  JPMorgan Chase & Co. 


20.  Las Vegas Sands 


21.  Meta Platforms, Inc. 


22.  Micron Technology, Inc.  


23.  Microsoft Corporation 


24.  Moderna, Inc. 


25.  Netflix, Inc. 


26.  NVIDIA Corporation 


27.  Palo Alto Networks, Inc. 


28.  PayPal Holdings, Inc. 


29.  Pfizer Inc. 


30.  ServiceNow, Inc.  


31.  SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (ETF) 


32.  Square, Inc. 


33.  Target Corporation  


34.  Tesla, Inc. 


35.  Twitter, Inc. 


36.  United States Steel Corporation 


37.  Visa Inc. 


38.  Wynn Resorts, Limited