Phillip Securities becomes first brokerage firm in Singapore to offer robo service with 100% direct US stocks

SINGAPORE, 15 August 2022 – Phillip Securities, the brokerage and wealth management arm of PhillipCapital, has launched an extension to its robo services, SMART Portfolio US Equity, which invests 100% into US stocks as underlying. This is the first robo service in Singapore to offer a portfolio that invests entirely in US stocks, giving clients direct ownership of the underlying portfolio stock holdings.

PhillipCapital’s SMART Portfolio US Equity invests in large-cap stocks in the US markets with an expected average of 10 – 15 counters in the portfolio. With just SGD $3,000, or USD $2,500, clients can now own a portfolio of US stocks which will be built, monitored, and optimised under the SMART Portfolio US Equity robo service.

As the largest retail broker in Singapore, Phillip Securities taps into a large pool of data to generate reliable insights. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of Phillip Securities clients trading in the US markets increased by almost 25%, indicating a strong interest in the US markets amongst its clients and across the industry.

Mr Chan Wai Chee, Chief Investment Officer of Phillip Managed Accounts, said “We understand that investors find it challenging to navigate the markets which can be volatile and unpredictable, especially so in current times. It can also be challenging to keep emotions at bay when investing with one’s own wealth. We recognise investors’ interest in the US markets but also understand that many might seek assistance in navigating the markets effectively. SMART Portfolio US Equity was built to address these needs.”

Launched in 2017, PhillipCapital’s SMART Portfolio consists of three portfolios of various risk profiles with UTs as the underlying. SMART Portfolio invests using the unique Cyborg Methodology to optimise the investments for clients. This proprietary algorithm was built in-house by the Principal Data Scientist to digest more than 1000 data points daily with strict position limits for risk management, to ensure that the SMART Portfolio is optimised for investment performance. The information is then utilised by our Chief Investment Officer and Investment Team to select the funds to form the portfolios based on their wealth of industry experience and expertise.

Mr Chan shares, “We do not subscribe to a fixed rebalancing schedule. Our investment team monitors the markets and rebalances the portfolio when necessary, based on the volatility in the markets. This allows our proprietary algorithm to react in a timely manner when it deems fit.”

As an automated wealth management service, robo services can also suit prospective investors who are either unable to monitor the markets or are susceptible to emotional investing in market volatility. These automated wealth management services allow prospective investors to invest with greater accessibility, convenience, and efficiency.

The SMART Portfolio US Equity robo service caters to investors who are keen to invest in the US markets through automated investing. With management fees at 0.8% per annum, and no brokerage, performance, platform, rebalancing, or upfront fees, the robo service caters to investors keen to engage in a wealth management service with low capital outlay and fees. The launch of SMART Portfolio US Equity is part of PhillipCapital’s commitment to stay ahead of the curve and provide quality service for clients.

About PhillipCapital

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