Phillip Securities launches new state-of-the-art trading platform for traders

POEMS Mercury
Your Edge.

Phillip Securities announces the launch of POEMS Mercury, a cutting-edge application based platform, designed by traders, with traders in mind.

“As markets are fluid and constantly evolving, we aim to create a platform that can constantly give active investors and traders an edge in the markets. This cutting-edge platform can cater to novice investors, all the way to professional traders because it was designed to be intuitive, modular and fully-customizable. We put the user back in the driver’s seat, simply put it — you decide what information you want to see and how you want to see it.”

The design philosophy behind POEMS Mercury is derived from the need to keep up with fluid and fastchanging markets. As markets are getting increasingly unpredictable, we strive to create a platform that constantly gives traders an edge in the market. POEMS Mercury’s order types for equities span over 7 global exchanges, and our fully customisable Chart View will provide the fastest and most fluid experience to our clients.

“Markets are getting faster and more unpredictable by the day. Hence, we recognise that traders require an edge in speed – speed in getting to the information they require, speed in analysing the unstructured data, speed in decision-making and speed in execution after making the decision. POEMS Mercury aids traders in achieving all of the above via an intuitive display of pertinent information, quick order entry, cancellation and amendments, as well as more than one way of getting to the function or information you want.”

The name “Mercury” was chosen to reflect the metallic element and its unique property that makes it suitable for use in thermometer to measure minute changes in temperatures. The sensitivity and expansion of Mercury to changes in temperature is synonymous with the design philosophy of POEMS Mercury constantly adapting with the ever-changing markets.

“POEMS Mercury is targeted at active traders and completes our POEMS Suite of Trading Platforms, which includes POEMS 2.0 (web) and POEMS Mobile. Client-centricity is at the heart of all we do in Phillip and the POEMS suite of trading solutions will allow us to offer a holistic solution, catering to different segments of the investment and trading community,” said Luke Lim, Executive Director of Phillip Securities.

Background on POEMS

Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System, or more commonly known as POEMS, is the pioneer for Singapore’s online share trading. Launched by Phillip Securities Pte Ltd in 1996, POEMS offers investors a full suite of state-of-the-art trading platforms, ranging from desktop trading on the classic POEMS Internet and POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile applications, POEMS ProTrader and now POEMS Mercury.

Phillip Securities is Singapore’s largest stock broker and a leader in the financial industry. Our awards and accolades range from being the Most Preferred Stock Brokerage Firm (Gold)1 , Most Preferred Financial Adviser (Gold)2 , Most Preferred CFD Provider (Silver) in 20163 , Largest Broker (Winner)4 and Largest CFD Broker (Winner)5 . Our 40 years of consistent growth and innovation is a testament of our professional servitude to all our stakeholders including customers.

1 Most Preferred Stock Broking House (Gold) – ShareInvestor Awards 2015, 2016
2 Most Preferred Financial Adviser (Gold) – ShareInvestor Awards 2016
3 Most Preferred CFD Provider (Silver) – ShareInvestor Awards 2016
4 Largest Broker (Winner) – Investment Trends 2010 – 2016 Singapore Broking Report
5 Largest CFD Broker (Winner) – Investment Trends 2010 – 2016 Singapore Broking Report