Singapore (5 January 2017) – Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (A member of PhillipCapital) announced that there will be zero fees for retail investors who invest/trade Unit Trusts online via POEMS suite of trading platforms. There will be no sales charge, no platform fee and no switching fee as compared to other online distributors. Phillip Securities long term strategy for POEMS (Phillip Online Electronic Mart System) remains to provide a one-stop trading platform for multiple products i.e Global Stocks, Unit Trusts, Contracts For Difference, Bonds etc. and continue to be the market leader in this area.

“As part of our continual journey of building our multi-product offerings to our customers under one roof, the 0% fee (no sales charge and no platform fee) for online POEMS Unit Trust trades is part of our strategy to allow customers to consolidate their assets with us. We believe that this strategy aligns both our company and clients’ interest as the company gains in terms of asset gathering and customers will gain in terms of lower/no cost and convenience.”

“With regards to the landscape, online trading is here to stay and we are prepared to embrace it for customers who have preference to invest/trade via online. However, we also believe that certain group of customers still value the human touch and hence continue to pay for the advice and services provided by the Financial Adviser Reps and Trading Reps. Our 40 years of consistent growth is a testament of our professional servitude to all our stakeholders including customers,” said Lisa Lee, Executive Director of Phillip Securities.

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