PhillipCapital Group Unveils Institutional Broking Business, Elevating Financial Services for Institutional Clients

– Following recent success in real-time US stock execution during Asian Hours, Phillip Securities has expanded coverage for Institutional Investors by launching the Institutional Broking Business.

The Institutional Broking Business will offer a comprehensive suite of services for institutional clients, including customised trading solutions, research and analysis, dedicated account management, and access to global markets.

To oversee electronic trading and Institutional Equity Business, Phillip Securities has strategically hired Mr Mihai Bistriteanu, who brings over 20 years of experience in securities markets.

[SINGAPORE, 4 December 2023] – Phillip Securities’ recent success in real-time US stock execution services during Asian hours has prompted the launch of its Institutional Broking Business. This expansion not only complements the well-established retail business coverage but also marks a strategic move to serve Institutional Investors more comprehensively. With additional enhancements planned for the trading platform to achieve 24-hour coverage for real-time US stock execution, Philip Capital is ready for continued growth.

A principal area driving the institutional business growth is securities lending and borrowing. As a major provider of hard-to-borrow equity, PhillipCapital Group enhances liquidity and the settlement process in the marketplace. Securities lending also proves instrumental in unlocking revenue streams and earning potential returns on our retail clients’ investment portfolios.

Mr Luke Lim, Managing Director of Phillip Securities, said: “The launch of our Institutional Broking Business reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional financial services to institutional clients. We are excited to combine our extensive industry knowledge with the unique needs and objectives of institutional investors.”

With a long-standing reputation for delivering innovative and client-focused financial solutions, the PhillipCapital Group aims to leverage its extensive expertise and resources to better serve the needs of institutional clients, including hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds, and other large-scale investors.

Phillip Securities, a member of PhillipCapital Group, has initiated the expansion of its institutional business and welcomed Mr Mihai Bistriteanu, Director to oversee its electronic trading and Institutional Equity Business.  With over 20 years’ experience in securities markets across stock lending, equity execution and algorithmic trading, Mihai has held senior positions in equity sales and trading at SBI Sec, Credit Suisse and Citigroup in Tokyo and Singapore.

The Institutional Broking Business introduces a comprehensive suite of services tailored to institutional clients, including:

  • Customised Trading Solutions: Institutional clients can expect highly customisable trading solutions, allowing them to execute trades that align with their specific investment strategies and objectives.
  • Research and Analysis: PhillipCapital Group will provide in-depth research and analysis to help institutional clients make informed investment decisions in today’s dynamic financial markets.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Each institutional client will be assigned a dedicated account manager, ensuring personalised support and assistance.
  • Access to Global Markets: PhillipCapital Group’s extensive network and partnerships will grant institutional clients access to a broad range of global markets and asset classes including India and US markets.
  • ETF Unit Creation and Liquidity program: Phillip Securities is committed to educating retail investors on the advantages, structure, and trading strategies of ETF. The commitment extends to expanding ETF coverage and providing top-notch liquidity through state-of-the-art market-making technology, supporting exchanges and institutional investors.

This expansion of services aligns with PhillipCapital Group’s mission to empower its clients by providing access to sophisticated financial tools, expert guidance, and a diverse range of investment opportunities.

About PhillipCapital

Since its inception as a stockbroker in 1975, PhillipCapital has grown into an integrated Asian financial house with a global presence and offers a full range of quality and innovative services to retail and high net worth individuals, family offices, as well as corporate and institutional customers.  

PhillipCapital offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services includes broking in securities, futures, foreign exchange, bonds, precious metals and commodities, unit trusts, contracts for difference, exchange traded funds; fund management, managed accounts, insurance planning, regular savings plan, investment research, equity financing and property consultancy. Institutions can also benefit from our corporate finance and advisory services as well as information technology solutions.

Today, the company headquartered in Singapore, operates in the financial hubs of 15 countries, including offices in Australia, Cambodia, China (and Hong Kong SAR), India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UK, UAE, USA and Vietnam, serving over 1 Million clients with Assets Under Management of total more than USD 35 Billion.  

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