PhillipCapital launches New Online Fund Management Service

Invest effortlessly with SMART

Phillip Securities announces the launch of Phillip SMART Portfolio to create effortless investing for our customers. This is a new investing service which synthesizes digital advice with our investment expertise of over 15 years.

The design philosophy behind SMART derives from the need for transparency, simplicity, ease of execution and access. Within minutes, customers will be able to sign up for an account online and dive into a diversified portfolio according to their risk appetite. It is integrated with an online risk assessment and matches a best fit portfolio for clients and this is periodically rebalanced.

“SMART is the mainstay in the future; we see that this is an effortless way for investors to get into high-quality portfolios, which are rebalanced for them, and this will keep them on track with their goals.’’ said Ms Lisa Lee, Executive Director of Phillip Securities.

With a low starting investment amount from only S$5,000, customers can get into high quality portfolios like the well-heeled. SMART maximises returns for customers as it offers low cost with no up-front fee, no brokerage, no platform fee and low management fees of 0.5% per annum. This breaks the traditional stigma that fund management is expensive and only for the wealthy.

SMART invests primarily in Exchange-Traded Funds listed on SGX. It does the tedious and critical jobs for investors by selecting the best-fit investments that were chosen by our portfolio manager after analysing the market. This includes the major areas of equity, fixed income, resources and commodities. It is structured to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk.

Phillip Securities understands that customers’ investment goals and styles are unique to each individual. For customers who have simple needs and would like a high quality portfolio, SMART is a great option. If customers’ investments needs get more sophisticated over time, they can speak to our financial advisory and trading representatives. Phillip Securities has financial solutions which range from self-trading to advisory to discretionary services. Being Your Partner in Finance, we are ready to cater to and support our customers’ different investing styles.

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