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Your primary objective is capital preservation and you have no or limited investment experience.

You view liquidity needs as important; and are able to stay invested for not more than 3 years.

You are willing to accept minor fluctuations in the value of the portfolio.


You are a relatively experienced investor who is looking for moderate growth and diversification.

You do not have any liquidity needs in the short to medium term (between 3 to 10 years.)

You are willing to tolerate moderate fluctuations in the value of the portfolio.


You are a knowledgeable investor and are not concerned about short term fluctuations in the market. You have the ability to tolerate significant fluctuations.

You have a relatively long period of time before you will need to use these investments (more than 10 years).

You are an investor who is willing to accept significant risk with longer term fluctuation, including possible loss of principal while maximising growth potential of assets.

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